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Our competences:

Digital platforms

Platforms are the organizational form of future enterprises. They bring together customers, producers, communities, products and services through digital technologies, enabling hypergrowth. New business models with a clear value proposition, an agile organization and infrastructure, and a digitally native environment enable platforms to grow.

We enable you to:

  • Innovate your business model
  • Create revenue from your digital products/services
  • Create revenue from digital add-on services on your products/services
  • Design your platform architecture
  • Create your digital processes
  • Leverage your community to create value for all members of your ecosystem

Digital platforms


Data & Analytics

Data analytics is the science that brings to the table speed and efficiency. Once you adopt data analysis methods in your business, you can analyze the causes of particular events based on the data and understand the objectives and directives for your business. You as decision-maker will get the maximum value from all your data assets, improve the efficiency of your processes and innovate through your data.

Trough data analysis you will:

  • have access to key figures, reporting dashboards and KPI
  • be able to make faster business decision
  • have a better insight into business performance
  • improve performance
  • have a better enablement of key strategic initiative

Data & Analytics


UX / UI Prototyping

Prototypes are a close replica of what the end result of a product will look like, and are used for testing prior to launch. UI design refers to the user interface, the graphical layout of the app/website. UX design targets the user’s experience and tests the ease of interaction with the end product. UX/UI prototyping is an integral part of the design process that helps you visualize how the app/website will look like and function, and also gives you the opportunity to request feedback from users and improve the product prior to launch.

UX/UI prototyping matters because:

  • is essential for resolving usability issues before launch
  • offers realistic interactions and flexibility for a low cost
  • saves money and time by offering a realistic testing tool
  • gives you the opportunity to live test with real potential users
  • means unlimited design and flow adjustments at a very low cost

UX / UI Prototyping


Business Process Management & Automation

A business process is a set of activities which enables your organization to achieve a specific goal. The management of business processes includes modeling, analysis and optimization across different organizational units and IT-systems. Using technology, i.e. automating business processes, helps your organization to seamlessly execute best practice process sequences with a constantly high quality. In today’s environment timely, high quality and seamless business process execution is a critical aspect of customer satisfaction and growing revenues.

Through business process (management) and automation you will:

  • deliver better customer satisfaction through repeatable, high quality processes
  • ensure overall operational efficiency
  • have clear and deep insight in all business areas
  • coordinate complex activities within the enterprise across multiple IT systems to deliver the desired result
  • be able to use processes for a successful strategy execution

Business Process Management & Automation


We offer:

Project design and management (EU- and public funded projects)

Our experts help you design and implement funded projects (EU and national grants). In their 15 years of experience, they have won more than 10 mil. Euro for clients.

We focus on:

  • health care, education, manufacturing and ICT domain
  • packaging your ideas into successful projects
  • designing winning project applications
  • matching the right partners with the right projects
  • professional project management services during all project lifecycle stages


Our international consulting team brings its expertise to our clients most critical issues and opportunities.

We focus on:

  • Strategy creation for digital transformation
  • Co-creation of digital products and services
  • Co-creation of digital platforms
  • Implementation consulting for apps, UX/UI
  • Consulting on project design and funding
  • Project management across the project lifecycle


Digital transformation requires an intense effort in upskilling of the available workforce. We employ experiential learning technologies (like AR, VR) in a corporate learning context aiming to deliver high-quality and high-impact trainings.

Our trainings offer focuses on:

  • Design thinking
  • Platform design
  • Business process modelling, simulation and optimization
  • Data science trainings (data mining, data literacy, data analytics, machine learning)
  • Learning management systems
  • IT security

Graphic & Web design

Graphic designers create visual communications to convey messages in an effective and aesthetically pleasing manner.

We will help you shape the visual aspects of websites, books, magazines, product packaging, exhibitions and more in a manner that will capture the attention of end-users and communicate the right message across all the desired channels.

Our graphic design experts:

  • conceptualize visuals based on requirements,
  • create graphics including illustrations, logos, layouts and photos and test said graphics across various media.

Our web design team provides expertise in:

  • how a website or an app looks in order to create usable and eye-catching interfaces in tone with your needs
  • Implement frond-end and back-end elements of your website to provide an appealing and seamless customer experience.

Meet our team

Elena Teodora Miron

Elena-Teodora MIRON

Senior Consultant Strategy

Key Competences:

  • Digital Platforms
  • Business Process Management
  • Design Thinking
  • IT-Service Management
  • Project Management
Astrid Adriana Sarateanu

Astrid Adriana SARATEANU

Senior Visual Designer

Key Competences:

  • Graphic design
  • Content strategy
  • Front end development
  • UI/UX design & prototyping
  • Brand marketing and strategy
Larisa Maria Fecioru

Larisa-Maria FECIORU

Project Manager

Key Competences:

  • Data visualization & Data analytics
  • Trainings
  • Project management
  • Organization
  • Quality management

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